The fishing club in Pratteln (FVP) began in 1952, when a group of friends decided to create a club to do what they all enjoyed doing - fishing on the Rhine. Since then, the original founding members are no longer with us, but their enthusiasm and vision lives on today for the benefit of all Anglers in the region.

During the 1960s and 1970s the membership grew and that meant more space was required to fish alongside the river. So, bit-by-bit, the club's fishing stretch was lengthened to about 1 kilometer with 33 individual pegs. The pegs are well maintained and have seating and metal supports for the rods.

Starting in the 1980s, a club-house (Kanzeli) was built, to serve the needs of its members. It became, and indeed remains, a social hub for not only Anglers and their families, but also for other clubs who wish to celebrate events, like birthdays and anniversaries, close to the Rhine waterside.

Continuing through the 1990s, until the present day, the infra-structure has been expanded and maintained to provide a welcome and restful place for all serious Anglers and their families.

Currently, there are about 20 active Anglers, who routinely take part in our regular pleasure fishing sessions and 150 (passive members) who support the club by visiting our club-headquarters.  The pleasure fishing comprises of types of fishing arrangements:

1. The Americaine - two Anglers combine their piscatorial talents and fish together as one for 10 hr.  

2. The Individual Angler - one Angler fishes alone for 8hr.

These events are organised throughout the year, starting in June through to October. Of course, the Anglers must not stay on their alloted pegs all day, but can and do, visit the club-house throughout the fishing session. In addition, one of the committee members passes along the bank during the morning and afternoon serving refreshments. A great fishing day!

Every year, usually during the first week of August, the club opens its doors and holds an Open Pleasure Fishing event, where Anglers in the region come and fish alongside our club members. Of course, non-club Anglers are required to hold the obligatory Swiss Fishing Brevet certificate.

All club members are expected to take part in one of the two annual Club and River Bank cleaning sessions - this is obligatory, for all members under 65 and who are not registered invalids (Swiss-IV). Reasons, communicated at two weeks in advance to the President, may suffice to waive the obligation.

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