The Paternoster Feeder

The paternoster feeder is a variant of the standard heavy feeder, which may bring you bites when all else fails. Simply pass fluorocarbon line through the swivel of a heavy feeder and tie a large ‘figure-of-eight’ loop of 30–40 cm.  When you tie the loop, you need to pass the feeder through the loop as well.  One of the free-ends (1-3 cm) is used for tying an eyed hook (sizes 10, 12, 14), while the other free-end is attached to the mainline via a swivel.


Feeder Paternoster Rig

Often, the fish will take the bait when it is presented above the feeder instead of taking it from the river-bottom. The fish will even take the bait as the feeder descends to the riverbed. The paternoster feeder system can be pre-made before the fishing session and attached to your mainline when required.